Infidelity - Betrayal - Adultery

Healing yourself after infidelity is very different from healing the marriage. We will use our concentrated time to get your marriage back on track so that you will have the foundation to move ahead into a future where both of you can find joy and fulfillment again. 


  • We believe that your marriage can be renewed, restored, and redeemed after adultery, infidelity, or betrayal. 

  • We believe wounds can be healed.


Yes, adultery/infidelity is a type of betrayal that cuts to the core of a marriage relationship and has a traumatic effect on the deceived spouse. Research shows that the discovery of infidelity is devastating because it destroys basic assumptions about the security expected in committed relationships. Not all situations are the same, but it is generally agreed that this event shatters basic beliefs about love, truth, fairness, justice, and dreams.

  • Pornography is a betrayal.

  • Emotional attachment to the opposite sex outside of marriage is a betrayal.

Societal views may often compound the trauma a betrayed spouse goes through. Not only has their spouse betrayed them, but they are slighted by a type of "blame the victim" attitude that says that if they had just been more loving, in shape, caring...(you-fill-in-the-blank ), the wayward spouse would not have strayed. Although untrue, these views may result in a sense of shame for the betrayed spouse that often leads to isolation. 


One of the most profound effects of betrayal is that it changes the betrayed spouse's life story. When the facts come to light, the betrayed spouse looks back on their life and doesn’t know what parts of their memories are true and what parts are fiction.


Another area you may be noticing, if you are a betrayed spouse, is that your vocabulary and language are confused: "I love you. I'm sorry. I'm going to the store,"   and comments about the future may be painful triggers.  What do they mean? If I missed the signals before, I don't want to miss them again. 

If you are the spouse who has been the betrayer, we want you to know our sessions together are about rebuilding and renewing. You will be able to reconnect to your marriage and spouse in a way you may have thought was impossible. 


We help you put sense back in your language and in your life.
There is hope. There is a future and a wonderful tomorrow together...even if you don't feel it right now.


  • Sexual or emotional betrayal is a blow to the marriage, but it does not need to be the end of a marriage.

  • A more intimate and joyous marriage is possible.

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