Dan and Becky Botts

It's impossible to feel loved if you don't feel understood.
 We Understand.
Dan and Becky Botts, SFBT counselors

Even with big problems and painful situations, your relationship can be restored.

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  • Our Christian faith is central to our lives.

  • We believe all of us are capable of change and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

  • We are Christian pastoral counselors who use Solution Focused Brief Therapy in our sessions.

Get to know us

We have spent over a decade researching and learning about proven methods that keep marriages together and enable individuals to recognize their strengths.  Our passion is to help restore and heal broken lives and marriages.  We're not just fans of marriage, we are workers for keeping marriages together.


When we found the Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach we knew it fit our Christian view of respect for others and the belief that no person or marriage is beyond hope. We are skilled in using this model and, as members of the Solution Focused University, we are continually involved in the most recent developments.  


We are also Advanced Facilitators through the American Bible Society Trauma Institute which is successfully used in over 94 countries around the world to help victims who suffer from trauma. We work with small groups to heal wounds.  This is not trauma counseling for PTSD. 


You will find that we are nonjudgmental about where you've been. We see each hurting person as one who can find healing through our counseling, coaching, and conversations together. 


With our backgrounds in psychology, education, pastoral care, coaching, counseling and prison ministry, along with over 45 years of marriage, we have the life experience, expertise, and the heart to help you into the light of renewed joy in your life and/or your marriage. 


Some of our testimonials...

We would highly recommend Dan and Becky to anyone, no matter if a marriage is great or struggling. Their program can really help improve your relationship. Their caring, personal yet non-threatening approach allows you to really dive in and make some positive changes! RS

Dan and Becky have been a huge part of our lives and our continuous urge to better our marriage and ourselves individually. They are great people, very understanding and easy to open up to. After using their service you will see that this isn't just a job to them, their hearts are also involved. I recommend anyone struggling through life and marriage to use the tools they have to offer for a stronger understanding of lives ups and downs. JH

Amazing people making positive impacts in other lives. I recommend them from my own personal experience. JH

The Bottses are very trustworthy and caring people. They put passion in everything they do and everyone they help. LP


Thank you both. I see my wife again. AB


We definitely appreciate everything you two have done for us! We are doing well! AB



It's easy to be confused, but the differences between a licensed professional counselor and a pastoral Christian counselor is rarely apparent to a client. A pastoral counselor, such as a chaplain, pastor, church counselor, and ministerial counselor is often regulated and credentialed by an ecclesiastical group and/or professional association. Clinical Counselors are regulated and licensed by state government boards, and often certified or credentialed by professional organizations.


Unlike professionals working in the fields of clinical counseling or psychology, Pastoral Counselors are not required to obtain a state license.  In place of a license, pastoral counselors must complete a certification process (sometimes referred to as a credentialing process) by the ecclesiastical group they are associated with. 


Given that there is no license requirement for Pastoral Counselors, one might assume that professionals entering the field would avoid the extensive education, experience and training requirements mandated by the state for similar professions in the areas of counseling, therapy, and psychology. This is simply not the case.  Dan and Becky constantly strive to increase their skills to enable them to help heal hurting individuals and wounded marriages.


Please don't give up on yourself or your marriage.  We're here to help.