Here are some helpful thoughts we want to share with you about anger. 

  • Anger is appropriate at certain times. Jesus became angry at the hypocrisy and stubborn hearts of the religious leaders.

  • The way you express your anger is important.

  • Anger is 1 letter short of danger! We want to help you realize inappropriate anger and guide you into solutions that will be helpful to you.

  • Your anger is a signal that something is wrong.

  • Anger typically "sits on top" of other issues. The other issues may be categorized as injustice, hurt, fear, frustration. We believe you can and will find solutions to
    your anger through our conversations.

  • Do you have certain demands for yourself and others? Demands like You should...I should, You ought...I ought, You must....I must...
    We are skilled at helping you create a language of optimism and a dialogue of hope.
    If you feel helpless to overcome anger, be encouraged. We are here to help you.