Conflicts and Arguing 

  • Why do words matter so much? 

  • Why can words hurt so badly?

  • Is it possible to disagree and still protect our marriage?

  • Is it possible to disagree and still maintain what is important to each of us?


Being able to communicate with one another is a gift that we can use to bless someone else or destroy them. Communication is a foundational base for relationships...not just in your marriage, but in your job, and with your friends and family.  


Idea: If you are constantly trying to convince your spouse (or others) of your opinion or to 'buy-in' to your way of thinking, you may need help communicating) probably wishes you would! 

  • We can help!

  • We will provide "tools" to rebuild.  Communication is a relationship, not a recipe. 

  • We will help you learn to speak in ways that honor the other person.