Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety Attacks can often go together. In fact, many doctors are using the term "depression anxiety". Depression anxiety affects the world outside my mind - my physical body, relationships, and lifestyle and the world inside my mind - my thinking content and patterns.


Depression anxiety can feel like all the world is now gray. The pleasures I once enjoyed are now gone and I feel "blah".


What things that I once enjoyed have lost their ability to satisfy me? 


Perhaps I have become isolated and have escaped more and more into pornography, alcohol, drugs, sleep, or video games as a way to cope. I am living my life avoiding any type of pressure.


Because I've escaped for so long, I am believing there's no help for me.
This is not true.


Sometimes I feel like I can't even pay attention to the simplest things. I've gained weight and I don't sleep much anymore. I've lost weight and I sleep all the time.


The worst part of my depression anxiety is...  There are so many pieces to this, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. I think I should just be able to "get over it"...whatever "it" is! It's hard to admit I feel this way.


I don't think I can talk to anyone. I tell people everything is fine. No one will really understand anyway.   I am silent about my struggles and I have become the warden to my cell of isolation.


There is help. We are here.  We can help.  CONTACT us today.