Frequently Asked Questions

We find that most individuals and couples ask similar questions when deciding about going forward with getting needed help. 

 01   Why do you recommend several consecutive days of counseling for marriages in crisis?
  • 7 or more days between sessions is often way too long to wait for a 50-60 minute session for a marriage in crisis. In weekly sessions each spouse usually spends about 15-20 minutes giving their version of the past week...he said...she said...he did...she did...   
    Of course, the couple rarely agrees on the other's version, so arguing begins. The counselor is left with little time to move forward before time is up.
  • We take the time for you to be heard.
  • We are skilled Solution Focused Therapists. We spend our time helping you co-construct your tomorrow.
    (Of course, we listen to your problems, but we will spend time on solutions and moving forward.) 
  • We do offer weekly sessions, but research shows they are not as powerful and/or successful as 3-day private concentrated sessions for marriages.  6 months of phone follow-up is included with the 3-day concentrated sessions.
  • We do see individuals on a 1-2 time(s) per week basis.
    Please see Marriage Renew for more information.


02  What are your areas of expertise?​​
  • Deep hurts from infidelity. Broken trust can be devastating. We provide very effective rebuilding materials to
    complete together following our comprehensive solution-focused conversations. 

  • Marriages in crisis

  • Unforgiveness from intense wounds

  • Learning how to forgive and what relinquishment means

  • Depression anxiety

  • Communication breakdown, arguing and anger

  • Loneliness and isolation

  • Trauma care 

  • Healing classes


03  Do both of us need to come for marriage counseling?​​

No. BUT, remember marriage is a covenant that was created by God between a man and a woman doing life together.  After you call us, we will be able to give you information on how to best proceed.  Oftentimes, one spouse is more interested in getting help than the other. This is very common.  We have ways to help you.


04  What if my spouse doesn't want to come?

This can happen. There may be an uneven level of commitment. Please do not lose hope. Your marriage is able to be renewed and you may have a life together you did not think possible. 


05  Is there anything to do before coming for Intensive Marriage Renew 3 Day?
Yes. You will each need to fill out individual and confidential forms. This is not done together. Each
person will mail these forms back to us in separate envelopes. We ask that you do not share your answers.


06  Do you have a statement of faith?  Yes. Our faith is the most important aspect of our lives. We are Christ Followers and believe Jesus is the Great Counselor and Healer.  Please see the link: Faith.


07  Do you accept insurance?

No We appreciate a love offering at the end of our time together, but we do not want anyone to head to lawyers for divorce because they didn't have the money to see a counselor. We are a ministry.

08  What are other things I should ask a counselor before making a decision? 

  •  Do they include at least 6 months of once-a-week “After-Care” at no additional cost (Marriage Renew)?  We do.

  • Do they believe that the Bible has answers to all of our life situations?  We do.

  • Do they have advanced training in Solution Focused Brief Therapy?  We do.

  • Do they send you home with personally designed material that will help you stay on track, learn additional tools, and dynamic exercises that further the healing of your marriage? (Marriage Renew) We do.

  • Is your 3+ days of a comprehensive or "intensive retreat" really a group format with other couples and a few hours of private time? Your time with us is totally private and designed for you. 




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